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Training Centre

Foison Golf Training Centre

Fengshen Golf Training Center is located between the 36-hole Fengshen International Championship-level courses. Since its opening in July 2017, Fengshen Golf Training Center aims to become 'the cradle of world champions and the training base for future leaders', and constantly helps golfers pursue their dreams and supports the golf sport in China with practical actions. In particular, we will continue to promote the popularization and development of youth golf through golf education programs and golf activities for children and teenagers.

Full professional golf training facilities

Foison Driving Range owns the largest pure grass practice area of 3000㎡ in Guang-Fo region, equipped with high-quality short golf practice area, two greens with lighting, five putting greens, a special golf fitness and rehabilitation training center, a full-stage golf teaching team with actual fighting as the core, and tea rooms, coffee bars, etc., so that players can enjoy their golf life.

Cradle of world champions, training ground for future leaders

Since its opening, Foison Golf Driving Range has been assisting golf dreamers and supporting golf in China with practical actions, particularly focusing on golf education for the junior. This is where the dream of Ms. Wenqing Li began.

In 2012, Ms. Wenqing Li drew a blueprint of Foison Golf Club, dreaming that the club could cultivate world champions. In view of this, Foison Driving Range aims to be the cradle of world champions and nurture future leaders.

At the beginning of 2019, Foison Golf Training Center officially launched the junior player development program, established Foison Golf Junior Team. Continuously exploring and seeking potential players to assist them realize their dreams by setting up a series of golf education programs and organizing golf activities for children and teenagers.。

Nowadays, due to its superior geographical location, high-quality environment and perfect training facilities, Foison Driving Range has become the priority choice and actual combat training base for Guang-Fo region players to improve their skills.

Foison Golf Junior Team

Relying on Foison golf course, with the perfect junior golf training system and professional training facilities, Foison Driving Range has successfully led the junior teams to win honors, cultivated excellent professional players and junior champions.

In 2021, Foison junior team got the runner-up of Guangdong Provincial Club Team Competition. The team members won the highest juvenile honor 'Yellow Jacket'; Foison Golf Club selects outstanding players from local junior players as contract players to move on their golf career, assisting them to open the door of world championship.
As of December 31, 2021, the Foison junior team has participated in the points certification event held by the China Golf Association, Provincial Golf Association and Municipal Golf Association. There have been 87 champions, 130 runners-up and 104 second runners-up in total.