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Club Introduction

With 36 holes, Foison Golf Club is hidden in the city landscape, quiet and beautiful, which has two distinct features courses. Building a valuable business communication platform for you and delivering a first class service to you. The club commits to build a high-end, intimate and personal, first class golf club in China.

About Founder -Wenqing Li

• Chief Executive Officer of Foison Group
• The Founder of Foison Golf Club & The Chairman of Foison Golf Club
• Honorary Chairman of You Shine company
• Vice Chairman of Guangzhou Golf Association
• Vice Chairman of Education-Oriented Entrepreneur Association(China

Ms. Wenqing Li,a Master of Management, from Loughborough University, UK. She founded Foison Golf Club in late 2009 and served as the first general manager of club from 2010 to 2014. She has served as the club's chairman since 2015.

About Founder-Works of God

People may not imagine that The Foison Golf Course was converted from an industrial dump. Ms. Wenqing Li is a woman who pursues perfection. She has a unique understanding of golf course design and construction. She firmly believes that this area can transform decadence into magic and create two high-quality courses that meet the theme of biological diversity. With the support of the government and Foison Group, she selected Neil Haworth, a top international golf course designer, and Pete Dye, a leading American golf designer, to design two 18-hole courses respectively. Foison Golf Club became the first one domestic 36-hole course that is Audubon International’s Cooperative Sanctuary Program certified. The club undertakes various well-known events, such as China Tour, China Asia Pacific Match Play, PGA Tour China Qualification, PGA Tour China Finals, HSBC Junior Championship, etc., attracting more and more families to pay attention to the green and healthy golf life. Nowadays, Foison Golf Club Course is a lively oxygen bar in the heart of the 200-square-kilometer Foison Auto industry base.

About Founder-With Asian Games

Back in 2010, the Asian Games Organising Committee (AGOC) was seeking an area for golf practice and golf events. After comparing several golf courses around Guangzhou, the AGOC was impressed by the quality and beauty of Foison golf course which was selected as the warm-up and standby venues for golf practice of the 16th Asian Games. Ms. Wenqing Li carried the team into the reception work of the Asian Games, for hundreds of golf officials, athletes, staff, media personnel to provide safe, professional and thoughtful service, become a story in the industry.

About Founder-Corporate Culture

Ms. Wenqing Li, the founder of Foison Golf Club, put forward the corporate vision of 'Wish people enjoy a happy life in Foison', established the corporate mission of 'create a healthy, happy and friendly life', and advocated the business philosophy of product is king, service wins, and customer touching experience is the core competitiveness.
She believes that the earth's ecology is the work of God, and human beings are the stewards of the ecology. The design of Foison golf course came from the wisdom of God and we made it pleasing to God. She stressed that green and nature is the tenet of Foison Golf Course, and every particulars of work should show a sense of responsibility for the environment.
Adhering to the culture of 'Foison is not only a big family, but also a university' with love and creativity. She attaches great importance to the learning and growth of employees and takes a hands-on role in employees education. She founded Foison Enterprise Management College and has become the respected “mom” and spiritual leader of the club.

About Founder-Golf and Champion

Junior players are the future of China Golf, Junior strong in China! Ms. Wenqing Li pays particular attention to golf education for junior players. She believes that cultivating excellent golfers is a theory of holistic education, which starts with training an excellent person to make excellence become a lifelong pursuit.
The slogan of Foison Golf Club Driving Range is 'To make your dreams alive'. Ms. Wenqing Li organized three Foison junior golf teams and signed a number of junior golfers, helping Chinese junior golfers to step into international golf arena. Helping them start a wonderful life and promoting the popularization and development of junior golf.
Through the establishment of scholarships and the organization of junior golf events, excavating and supporting potential player who dreams to be a national player or local player.
The info of Foison junior players. Enqi Liang, a golf player from Guangzhou, the signed-player of Foison Junior Team. He has awarded 'Lowest Chinese Player' by PGA Tour (China) Suzhou Open.

About Founder-Public Service

Ms. Wenqing Li, a charity advocate of Foison Golf Club, showed solicitude for the bereaved children in Henan Province, visited and supported children with leukemia, volunteered at a training center for mentally disabled children, provided employment assistance for the disabled, donated libraries and sports venues to schools in poor areas, and set up educational funds for rural schools.
Foison Golf Club has an annual cooperation with charitable foundations at home and abroad to help those in need. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ms. Wenqing Li donated supplies to the local government, practicing the entrepreneurial responsibility and dedication of 'take it from society and give it back'.

About Us

Foison Golf Club is hidden in Automobile Industry Base, Huadu, Guangzhou, which is adjacent to BAIYUN International Airport, CBD of Guangzhou, Guangzhou North Railway Station ect,easily accessible.

About Us

It is built by Foison Group with an exclusive investment, its area of over 2.6 million㎡. Including Clubhouse, two 18-hole courses with distinct features, restaurant,Driving Range , Golfers’home, hotel. The club is the fairyland where you could indulge yourself and escape from the city bustling life, enjoying golf fun with your family, your friends and your guests.

About Us

Foison Golf Club became the first one domestic 36-hole course that is Audubon International’s Cooperative Sanctuary Program certified. Since 2010, Foison Golf Club adheres to deliver a first class experience to customer, commits to build a high-end, intimate and personal, first class golf club in China.

About Us


Ancillary facilities


Occupying 8500㎡, it resembles new Asian style golf club through the creative design by the Asian top 10 architectural design company, Thailand KTGY Company. Perfect combination of luxury, comfortable atmosphere, the saddle shaped roof, and the corresponding square, and the adequate lighting through large glass wall, the clubhouse takes on the awareness of environmental protection. When inside, you are surrounded by 270 degree view of wonderful course.


Foison Golf Course is equipped with a star hotel, which owns a variety of entertainment facilities, so that you can experience real relaxation here.

Driving Range

Foison Driving Range owns the largest pure grass practice area of 3000㎡ in Guang-Fo region, equipped with high-quality short golf practice area, two greens with lighting, five putting greens, a special golf fitness and rehabilitation training center, a full-stage golf teaching team with actual fighting as the core, and tea rooms, coffee bars, etc., so that players can enjoy their golf life.

Club experience

In 2016, Buick Open, the final event of China PGA Tour, was held at Foison Golf Club. Ms. Wenqing Li, said in an interview with the media that she was very honored to host this event and proud of it. She said that the staff of Foison Golf Club has a craftsman's spirit to make a high-standard course, and the club has applied for Audubon environmental certification in the United States.

Foison is not only built into a high-standard course, but also shows a due sense of social responsibility in every detail.

The club has a craftsman's spirit to build a professional course. The club has also applied for Audubon environmental certification.

Foison Golf Club has been pursuing to enhance the ultimate experience of customers and improve the happiness index of employees.



• 2021-2022 The Value-up Club by Golf
• 2021-2022 Top Ten Golf Courses in China by Golf
• 2020 China Gourmet Golf Club by Golf
• 2018 Top Ten Golf Clubs in China by Golf


• 2018 Top Ten Most Outstanding Golf Courses (Haworth Course) by Golf Vacations
• 2012 Top Ten Most Outstanding Golf Courses by Golf Vacations
• 2011 Top Ten Most Outstanding New Golf Courses by Golf Vacations

Fun Fun Golf

• 2014 Gold-Medal Golf Course for Members by Fun Fun Golf
• 2013 Top 18 Famous holes in China by Fun Fun Golf
• 2012 Gold-Medal Course for Facilities by Fun Fun Golf


• 2013-2014 Golf Landmark @ Guangdong by Golf Weekly
• 2011-2012 Top Club @ Guangdong by Golf Weekly2011-2012
• 2010 Top Ten New Clubs in China by Golfweek2010

《Golf Vacation + Lifestyle》

• 2013 Top Ten Most Outstanding Golf Courses (Dye Course) by Golf Vacations
• 2011 Top New Golf Courses in China by Golf Vacation + Lifestyle

《China Golf》

• 2013 Best Golf Course Design (Dye Course) by China Golf
• 2010 Best New Golf Club by China Golf

Audubon International Environmental Protection Organization

• 2014, Foison Golf Club passed all Audubon International’s Cooperative Sanctuary Program certifications, became the first one domestic 36-hole course that is ACSP certified
• The first 36 hole golf course in China that successfully applied for the environmental protection certification independently


Foison Culture - Our Faith

• Foison Faith: Create value and realize yourself.

• Foison Slogan:Keep learning, thinking, and innovating.To be pragmatic, forward-looking, and transcendent.Learn to revere nature,Learn to be grateful and harmonious.

•Foison Vision:May you enjoy a well-being life here.

• Foison Mission: To create a healthy, joy and loving life.

•View of customer: To deliver a first class experience to you, your family and your friends.

•View of product: To deliver a healthy, civilized, high-quality product to you.

•View of talent: To be honest, devoted and aggressive.

Foison Culture - Our Slogan

Foison Declaration :
We are healthy, delightful and loving,
The club is a wonderful home where we live in.
Here, colleagues and guests are our dear family:

Moving up:;
To inspire our family with positive energy.
To Thanksgiving family with teamwork spirit.
To infect family with joy.
To move family with love.
Let's move up!

About Logo

When designing the logo of Foison Golf Club, we only kept the Chinese word '风', but the design perfectly presents the Chinese feature and culture. Golf is a gentlemanly sport that attaches great importance to etiquette. The logo of Foison also conveys the etiquette beauty of golf.More carefully, you could figure on the left side of the logo is a character who is swinging. Looking at the arc on the right, It makes people feel the impulse of swing and enjoy golf fun. The design of the end of the arc is also particularly interesting. The finishing stroke looks like a crystal dewdrop, showing nature eco, green and harmony of golf.

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Our Service

36 Holes

Foison Golf Course offers more facilities.

Tea Time

To enjoy your afternoon teatime.

Five-Star Catering

With five- star standard catering service, delivering various green and healthy cuisine to you.

36-Hole Course Introduction


Haworth Golf Course (Members Only)

Haworth Golf Course, being designed by the famous international golf course designer Neil Haworth, the stylist Jay Savastano, and the landscape architect Feng Shaolong, is a thinking golf course in line with the standard of international championship.This golf course is exquisite and delicate, integrating lakes, hills and plains into one and enjoying the characteristics of nature, harmony, business, and interestingness. Greens are shaped into potato-chip style, which seem to be changeable. More over, their acreages are just right, and the fairways vary in size, which provides with strategic hitting lines. It is sure to be a great challenge to golfers on short iron club using and putting, as well as technique stability and hitting precision.

Dye Golf Course

Dye Golf Course was designed by American Dye Design Company. It’s of wonderful workmanship excelling nature. By the way, the Designer Cynthia Dye absolutely got the essence of Dye Design. Cynthia Dye gave full consideration to the harmonious coexistence of the natural and fairways. Moreover she still carried out Dye’s ideal of “set the greens prior to the fairways”. Dye Golf Course fully embody the spirit of Cynthia Dye’s design style, combining the grace and the interest of golf in every hole. Therefore, it is sure to be an interesting and challenging golf course.

ACSP certified

2014, Foison Golf Club passed all Audubon International’s Cooperative Sanctuary Program certifications, became the first one domestic 36-hole course that is ACSP certified.

Established in 1886, Audubon International is a non-profit International environmental protection organization with its headquarters in the United States. The organization aims for improving the conservation and restoration of natural ecosystem, especially focusing on birds and other wildlife, and improving decision-making ability of human use if land, water, and energy, protecting human life from the harm of pollution, radiation and other harmful substances, maintaining biodiversity of the earth and human well-being.

Since 2010, Foison Golf Club has continuously implemented the concept of environmental protection to maintain the course, promote environmental protection and popularize education, and advocate the protection of natural environment and wild animals, as well as the harmonious coexistence between human and nature.













Foison Golf


周一至周五: 10:00 - 24:00 周末: 全天24小时

Foison Golf

No.39 Lingdong Road
(near Fengshen Ave),
in Automobile Industry Base,
Huadu, Guangzhou.

Monday to Friday: 10:00 - 24:00
Weekends: 24 hours a day