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Haworth Golf Course (Members Only)

Designer:Neil Haworth;
Representative Works (China): Shanghai Sheshan Golf Club, Shenzhen Hidden Grace Golf Club, Shenzhen

XILI Golf Country Club

Length: 7221 yards

Hole: 18

Par: 72

Golf Events:

• Alternate Venues for Golf Events of Guangzhou Asian Games,2010

• Asia Pacific Professional Golf Team Tournament in China, 2014

• PGA Tour Finals in China, 2016


Haworth Golf Course, being designed by the famous international golf course designer Neil Haworth, the stylist Jay Savastano, and the landscape architect Feng Shaolong, is a thinking golf course in line with the standard of international championship.This golf course is exquisite and delicate, integrating lakes, hills and plains into one and enjoying the characteristics of nature, harmony, business, and interestingness. Greens are shaped into potato-chip style, which seem to be changeable. More over, their acreages are just right, and the fairways vary in size, which provides with strategic hitting lines. It is sure to be a great challenge to golfers on short iron club using and putting, as well as technique stability and hitting precision.

Haworth Golf Course Strategy Report


Hole #1

This hole is warning to anyone who wants to do well on course with precision……

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Hole #2

Driving your tee shot with pleasure on this hole and you need to avoid the water hazard……

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Hole #3

This par-five dogleg hole tests a golfer's strength and courage……

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Hole #4

Select a golf club while enjoying the scenery. Driving tee shot with long iron on this narrow……

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Hole #5

A tee shot from a commanding position hits the ball straight over a valley and will affect your score……

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Hole #6

This is a intelligently designed par-three hole. The tee shot will dive against the green……

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Hole #7

A well tee shot is slightly over the water hazard, but the fairway is wide. The drive line……

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Hole #8

The short par-three hole is surrounded by beautiful views, but do not to be taken lightly……

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Hole #9

The finishing hole on the front nine of course continues to test you. First of all, this hole……

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Hole #10

The best landing drop for the tee shot of this dogleg left hole is on the right side of the hill on……

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Hole #11

Teeing off, you should think about driving your ball to a reasonable landing drop……

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Hole #12

This is the shortest par-three hole on the course. Golfers usually figure out how to score on……

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Hole #13

his is the longest hole on the course. There's water all over the left edge of this hole……

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Hole #14

A slightly uphill par-four with bunkers on the right side of the fairway and green……

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Hole #15

This is a spectacular par-three hole. The green is large, which behind the right of the holes……

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Hole #16

You can tee off with the wood #1 without hesitation, because the hole is very spacious……

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Hole #17

This hole is the designer's signature hole and will be the most memorable of the last few holes……

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Hole #18

Two good shots will make for a wonderful end to the round. There is water on the left of the first drop……

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Course Guide

Hole:18,Par:72,Tips:Each hole has a specified par number. The most common ones are Par3, Par4, and Par5.

Supporting Facilities

For beginners, all you'll need is a iron#7 or iron#8.On the tee ground, wooden#1 is usually used for par four holes or par five holes, and insert the golf tee on the grass at the tee point. Depending on the fairway and the distance, you can also use other wood or longer irons.