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Dye Golf Course

Designer: Cynthia Dye

Length: 6680 yards

Hole: 18

Par: 72

Golf Events:

PGA Tour Series in China, 2019


Dye Golf Course was designed by American Dye Design Company. It’s of wonderful workmanship excelling nature. By the way, the Designer Cynthia Dye absolutely got the essence of Dye Design. Cynthia Dye gave full consideration to the harmonious coexistence of the natural and fairways. Moreover she still carried out Dye’s ideal of “set the greens prior to the fairways”. Dye Golf Course fully embody the spirit of Cynthia Dye’s design style, combining the grace and the interest of golf in every hole. Therefore, it is sure to be an interesting and challenging golf course.

Dye Golf Course Strategy Report


Hole # 1

This charming hole can be played two ways.
Firstly, you can drive your tee......

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Hole # 2

This hole requires medium
to long iron to a large and very undulating green. Check the wind.....

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Hole # 3

The tee shot needs to avoid the lake guarding
the entire right side of this......

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Hole # 4

One of the shortest holes
but also one of the most tricky golf holes. Favor the......


Hole # 5

An extreme dogleg left with
a wide fairway that invites the player to hit a big drive. If you miss to the left......

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Hole # 6

Don't let the yardage fool
you,this is one of the toughest golf holes. The fairway ......

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Hole # 7

This is a fantastic par
three. The intimidating tee shot must carry the native area......

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Hole # 8

This three shot hole is one
of the toughest finishing holes. Aim to the middle of the......

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Hole # 9

The best tee shots will be
played down the middle.This downhill fairway is guarded ......

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Hole # 10

This is a straight forward
par 5 playing south that allows players to quickly get away ......

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Hole # 11

This golf hole is a severe
dogleg uphill par 4.Players will try and hit a long drive......

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Hole # 12

This is a dramatic par 4
located on top of the plateau in the South part of the course. A well......

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Hole # 13

This beautiful par 3 on the
plateau might be the signature hole. How it’s played depends ......

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Hole # 14

This is another picturesque
golf hole on top of the plateau. An accurate drive is required ......

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Hole # 15

This beautiful downhill 212
yard par 3 plays South down off the plateau. The green lays......

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Hole #16

On this severe right dogleg
part your drive should favor the left side of the fairway to avoid......

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Hole # 17 洞

At 163 yards, this is the
shortest hole. It is also, for most players, will become one of ......

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Hole # 18

From the tee to the landing
areais a six meter drop but don't expect to get any roll from......

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Course Guide

Hole:18,Par:72,Tips:Each hole has a specified par number. The most common ones are Par3, Par4, and Par5.

Supporting Facilities

For beginners, all you'll need is a iron#7 or iron#8.On the tee ground, wooden#1 is usually used for par four holes or par five holes, and insert the golf tee on the grass at the tee point. Depending on the fairway and the distance, you can also use other wood or longer irons.